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Birds for Sale

Hand-fed tame pet birds available from bird experts

Animal Lovers Pet Shop specializes in raising healthy, well adjusted, socialized hand-fed tame pet birds. We also provide everything that you will need to keep them that way. We have a wide variety from finches up to macaws. All our birds are weaned and eating vegetables when they are ready to go home. If the bird is not weaned yet, we encourage you to visit your bird before taking it home. It makes that transition easier. If there is a certain bird that you are looking for let us know and we would gladly help you find it. Below are some of the birds that are ready to go to a new home.

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Updated: July 17, 2017

Photographs by Rachel Craver

Rose-breasted Cockatoo for sale in Torrance

Rose-breasted Cockatoo

slender-billed cockatoo for sale in Torrance pet store

Slender-billed Cockatoo

conures for sale in Torrance


Double Yellow-headed Amazon bird for sale in Torrance

Double Yellow-headed Amazon

Sun Conure for sale in Torrance

Sun Conure

Parrotlet for sale in Torrance


goffin cockatoo birds sold in Torrance pet store

Goffin Cockatoo